Excellent Technical Capability

Palladium Recycling is equipped with the complete set of equipment to analyze, grade and process scrap materials containing Platinum Group Metals quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

Our technicians are adept at performing a wide range of techniques to sample and measure the exact precious metal content of scrap materials.

Mixed Lot Sampling Technique
Palladium Recycling handles the sampling of different materials with the most suitable techniques. To enhance the accuracy of sampling results from a mixed lot of catalytic converters with different matrices, our laboratory personnel will conduct the demanding process of manually extracting representative samples from co-mingled lots of converters after the initial automated process is completed.

Analyzing Technique

Analyzing Technique

Palladium Recycling uses ICP-OES spectrometer to detect traces of PGM that are often in the unit of parts-per-million (PPM). The use of this instrument sets us apart our competitor by letting us provide partners with the most accurate analysis possible. For samples that require faster turnaround, we not only use state-of-the-art portable Benchtop X-ray fluorescence spectrometry devices (XRF), but also deploy our own proprietary Standard Based FP analysis method to sample and measure the exact precious metal content of our clients' scrap materials - at lower cost and faster pace.

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