Buy Palladium in south Africa 27625985395 Palladium, a precious metal shining radiant white, is mined in South Africa, Russia, and North America. Palladium belongs to the platinum family, We recycle usedPalladium from catalytic converters, we export decanted Palladium (PD) to all countries globally. We are an authorized distributor

The Platinum and Palladium Markets

Platinum is both an essential and precious metal and is part of the six-member family of platinum group metals (PGMs) which also include palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, and ruthenium. These metals are known for their purity, high melting points and unique catalytic properties. In addition to their oxidation and reduction properties, they are also extremely resistant to corrosion. PGMs are utilized in a number of industrial processes, technologies and commercial applications. Their unique chemical and physical properties, make PGMs an excellent raw material, catalyst and ingredient for manufacturing processes. Consumer and industrial products made with platinum and other PGMs include flat panel monitors, glass fibre, medical tools, computer hard drives, nylon and razors, among others. PGMs (platinum, palladium and rhodium) play a critical role in auto catalysis and pollution control in the automotive sector. The bulk of global PGMs are mined in Southern Africa.
Our Platinum has a purity of 99,95% plus and is usually sold in sponge form, but can also be supplied as granules or bars. A range of platinum based compounds can also be supplied, including colloidal platinum. Assay certificates for each batch are available.
Our Palladium is sold with a minimum purity of 99,95% and is available in sponge form, but can also be supplied as granules, bars or intermediate salts.  Palladium feed stocks are sourced from a number of sources including process residues, electronic scrap, auto catalysts and scrap printed circuit boards. A range of palladium based compounds such as palladium chloride can be supplied.
Rhodium at 99,9% purity being available in sponge and powder. Assay certificates for each batch are available.

Palladium recycle's Ruthenium is sold with a minimum purity of 99,9% plus. It is available in sponge form, but can also be supplied as intermediate salts.


Iridium is sold with a minimum purity of 99,9% plus and is available in sponge form, but can also be supplied as intermediate salts.


Palladium Recycling pty ltd is a leading global supplier of Osmium. It has a minimum purity of 99,8% and again assay certificates are available for each batch.

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Platinum Bars For Sale

It may not be the first thing that most people think of when they think about investing in precious metals, but because of scarcity and the wide variety of industrial uses, platinum investing is becoming more popular every day. Platinum comes in both grams and ounces, making it even easier for investors to get started building wealth in platinum. The difference between our 1 gram platinum bars and 1 ounce platinum bars represents just how easy it is for a first-time investor to find a foothold in platinum investing, while still offering a significant investment opportunity for those who want to consider larger purchases.

Buy Platinum Bars

While there are hundreds of private mints that create platinum bars, most of the market is concerned with Pamp Suisse platinum bars, which is what we carry here at SD Bullion. These high-quality platinum bullion bars carry a certificate of authenticity, as well as the reputation of a mint that has become the go-to for high-quality platinum bars. In our case, each Pamp Suisse platinum bar, whether it is a 1 gram platinum bar or 1 ounce platinum bar, comes encased in a Certicard that contains all the information to validate its authenticity.

The 1 oz platinum bullion bars are particularly lovely, featuring a classic beauty in profile, with a cornucopia of bounty spilling out before her; on the obverse is the bar’s identifying information, including the words “Suisse, 1 ounce platinum, 999.5”, as well as the bar’s certification number. The 1 gram platinum bars features the same design in smaller detail.

The PGM Equity Markets

Platinum Bullion Bars come in Various Sizes


We also carry a Pamp Suiise 25 x 1 gram Multigram set, which features 25 of the 1 gram platinum bars set into a collectible grouping of Certicards. This would be a great way to invest in gifts for the whole family at once, or to build a platinum portfolio element very quickly.

Each 1 ounce platinum bar is the same as roughly 31 of the 1 gram platinum bars. At the 1 ounce level, the bulk discounts make it far more viable to invest in bulk platinum. In addition to selling Pamp Suisse platinum bars, we also buy platinum bullion bars and platinum coins, for a premium rate. Call our trade desk at +27110 471228   for more information, or get in touch with us right here on our website. We’re happy to help you find the best way to liquidate your platinum investment when the time comes.