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Gold granules of 99.99% purity for use in jewelry making, manufacturing and hobby projects, we have in stock Gold Nuggets, Bars or Bullion is ready for export globally, We are an authorized and stock a range of Gold Nuggets, Bars and Bullion


We are an association of young investors in precious stones and other gems, I have discovered that there is still much knowledge and facts the rest of the world needs to know about the earth's secret stones and waters.  We provide the basic necessities of the miners and offer them redemption prices for their various quantities and qualities of different gems stones at the same time giving them a more convincing reason to trust in us to be able to enjoy the fruit of their hard labor.

We have procured a far better stock than most companies along with the register and right now planning for a major convention with major international Minning company (palladium recycling (pty) ltd.
CFO / Director encouraged us)  to enable the various sites to be exploited in full terms, so that the development and environmental life standards can be fairly profitable to the natives at the same time.

The Gold price is 25,000 USD per kilo and it’s 98% Au and the Rough Diamond Purity is 98.17 % pure, 24 + carats. We are in search of reputable partnership investors in Gold Diamond and Emerald stones.

Buyers ready to take all or part of this Gold or platinum, please contact us to send you our FCO to get more details on export procedures and terms. 

We do have gold bars, nuggets and gold dust in stock for sale. Please do contact us for our price and FCO

1 Gram 24 Karat 99.99% Pure Gold Granules

1 Gram of Fine gold granules of 99.99% purity for use in jewellery making, manufacturing, hobby projects and other applications which require a uniform small granule based source of pure gold which is easy to melt and work with

Hand of Faith Nugget

The world largest extant nugget now lives in this rotating display case in the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. An amateur Australian miner found it in 1980 while casually sweeping his metal detector around his trailer near Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia. The nugget was resting less than 12 inches (30 cm) below the surface! Weighing in at 876 troy ounces (27.2 kilograms or 61 pounds 11 ounces), this massive nugget was sold to the casino for more than $1 million over a decade ago. Today the gold content alone is worth closer to $1.5 million.

Perth Mint Nugget

What is considered to be the world's second-largest existing nugget is held up for its first public display at the Perth Mint in Perth, Western Australia on 9 April 2000. Today, this 819-ounce lump of almost pure gold is worth at least $1.3 million. Found by an unnamed prospector in the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia in 1995, the nugget was hidden under his bed for several years before he tried to sell it in the United States. It is currently owned by an Australian mining company.

Alaskan Gold Rush Nuggets

During the first years of the great Nome, Alaska gold rush that began in 1899, these gold nuggets were the largest found, weighing (from left to right) 3 kg (108 oz.), 5.1 kg (182 oz.), and 2.7 kg (97 oz.). At the time, they were worth $1,998, $3,367.00, and $1.794 respectively. At the average 2013 gold price, they are worth 90 times their 1904 values with the largest worth over $300,000.


Latrobe Nugget

This beautiful nugget is famous as one of the best examples of a large body of crystalline gold in which the metal is present as cubic crystals rather than its typical smooth, amorphous shape. These crystals are quite rare in nature because the "molten" gold is usually under intense pressure and rarely has "room" to form into these more delicate geometries. The Latrobe Nugget was found in Victoria, Australia in 1853. It weighs 717 grams (25 oz.)