Palladium (Pd) Powder, Shot, Pellets & Ingot

Palladium Granules in Italy, Palladium granular 99.99% is usually sold in sponge form, but can also be supplied as granules or bars and wire an element belonging to the platinum group of metals and  palladium is steel white in color

Palladium powder, shot, pellets, ingot, sheet, foil, rod & wire



palladium granules
palladium granules

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  • Atomic Number 46

  • Molecular Weight (g/mol.)106.4

  • Apparent Density (g/cm3)12.02

  • EINECS Number231-115-6

  • Specific Heat @0°C (cal/g-°C).058

  • Melting Point (°C)1552

  • Boiling Point (°C)2900

  • Thermal Conductivity (cal/s-cm°C).18

  • Vickers Hardness37-39

  • Mohs Hardness4.75

  • Electronegativity  (Pauling scale)2.20

  • Particle Shape 

  • Magnetic Ordering

  • paramagnetic

  • Crystallography

  • cubic structure, face centered

Typical Applications

Automobile catalyst, dental, electrical, jewelry, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, hybrid integrated circuits, the catalyzation of CO into CO2 in air purification panels, and various consumer electronic products.


An element belonging to the platinum group of metals, palladium is steel-white in color, except in powder form, when it appears black. Palladium resists tarnishing in air and, if annealed, it is soft and ductile. Palladium has the lowest density and melting point of the palladium metals and is the most reactive. At room temperature, palladium absorbs up to 900 times its own volume of hydrogen.

Chemical Name: Palladium

Chemical Formula: Pd


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Palladium (Pd) Powder, Shot, Pellets & Ingot