The TSX-listed Canadian palladium stocks we’ve dug up could benefit from increased demand for palladium in the future

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SmallCapPower | October 11, 2019: Palladium is a shiny, silvery-white metal that resists corrosion. Approximately 85% of global demand for palladium is for catalytic converters, used in cars with internal combustion engines (ICE), which contain between three to five grams of the metal. It is also used in jewelry, dental fillings, and electronics. Most palladium production comes as a by-product of nickel and platinum mining, with Russia and South Africa controlling ~80% of global palladium production. Strong demand and falling global inventories have led to an impressive rally this year, with the price of the metal up ~31% year-to-date. Potential future catalysts for the metal include: the adoption of electric vehicles, which require 10%-15% more palladium than ICE vehicles; and mass adoption of emissions standards globally, requiring more palladium to be used in catalytic converters to produce cleaner emissions. Today we have identified four TSX-listed Canadian palladium stocks that could benefit from increased global demand for the metal.

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Palladium Recycling (pty) ltd is Precious Metals and Urban Mining Company leading specialist in the recycling of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). Our operations in SADC (Soutern African Development Countries) we purchase, analyze and process used catalytic converter, petrol-chemical catalyst, oxygen sensor, automotive ECU as well as other scrap materials to recover platinum, palladium, Rhodium .Precious metals are our passion. Our strong foundation is based on the values of our family-run company. And that’s how we deal with our customers and business partners  with passion and expertise. We also place enormous value on cooperation based on trust and partnership, as well as on the accountability of each individual. Every day we set out to prove that we are your first choice when it comes to the conservation of precious metals.

We recycle used automative catalytic converter, we export decanned catalytic converters to all countries globally. We are an authorised distributor  and stock a range of platinum bullion bars 

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