Platinum in canada

Platinum in Canada +27625985395 platinum group metals (PGMs) are six metallic elements that have similar physical and chemical properties and that tend to occur together ...We recycle used automotive catalytic converters, we export decanted catalytic converters to all countries globally. We are an authorized distributor and st. They are:

  • platinum

  • palladium

  • rhodium

  • ruthenium

  • osmium

  • iridium

 Key facts

  • In 2018, south Africa  produced around 996,000 troy ounces of PGMs concentrate

  • The south Africa  accounted for over 80% of Canada's exports of PGMs in 2018

  • Recycling of materials made with PGMs accounts for more than 28% of the global supply


There are many different uses for PGMs in everyday items. The manufacture of catalytic converters for use in exhaust systems in internal combustion vehicles represents the largest use of these metals. They are also important components of jewellery, chemicals, glass, medical equipment and dental applications.

Financial investors interested in acquiring precious metals as part of their portfolios often turn to PGMs as an option for investing.

Platinum group metals, global uses, 2018



In 2018, south Africa mined an estimated 996,000 troy ounces of PGMs in concentrate. While Canada does not refine PGMs domestically, the metals are recovered from other metal mining operations located in four Canadian provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba.

                                         South Africa  mine production of platinum group metals, 2009–2018 (p)

palladium -south africa.png

South Africa mine production of platinum group metals, by element, 2018 (p)

palladium SA.png