Palladium Recycling (pty) ltd is Precious Metals and Urban Mining Company leading specialists in the recycling of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). In our operations in SADC (Southern African Development Countries) we purchase, analyze and process used catalytic converter, petrol-chemical catalyst, oxygen sensor, automotive ECU as well as other scrap materials to recover platinum, palladium, And Rhodium. Precious metals are our passion. Our strong foundation is based on the values of our family-run company. And that’s how we deal with our customers and business partners with passion and expertise. We also place enormous value on cooperation based on trust and partnership, as well as on the accountability of each individual. Every day we set out to prove that we are your first choice when it comes to the conservation of precious metals.

We recycle used automotive catalytic converter, we export decanted catalytic converters to all countries globally. We are an authorized distributor  and stock a range of platinum bullion bars

Oxygen sensors are designed to monitor the amount of oxygen that's in your car's exhaust stream, as a marker of efficiency and to confirm the catalytic converters function properly. They sense whether your engine is running an air/fuel mixture that is too rich or too lean by burning a portion of the oxygen as it comes through the exhaust system. That reading is then turned into a voltage signal that is sent back to the engine control computer, which then adjusts fuel metering and timing to maintain an optimum mixture. This is something that's constantly changing, according to engine load (i.e. hills), acceleration, engine temperature and warm-up period, and other factors

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metallic  catalytic converter, high-strength, heat resistant corrugated foil is wound into a cylindrical shape. The cylinder is then wrapped with a layer of non-corrugated foil that is brazed to the cylinder to hold the cylindrical shape. The foil structure is then coated with our proprietary NANO catalytic wash coat. Our high-tech NANO wash coat enables us to meet OBD II requirements* despite larger cell size and reduced surface area. The resulting structure has 200 cells per square inch compared to 400 cells per square inch for a typical OE converter. The fewer, larger cells provide much less back pressure and better flow resulting in better horsepower and torque.

The metal foil catalyst withstands extreme pressures and vibration that can crumble ceramic catalysts, and has no Interam™ matting to blow out under pressure from turbo charged and high horsepower engines.

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Our specialty is catalytic converter recycling, and we’re always happy to share our expertise with our customers. By keeping our customers informed, we become a stronger buying force in the market.

We offer a variety of ways to purchase your catalytic converters from single pieces to full semi loads.

Some of the services we offer to our clients include:
-  Detailed Catalogs
-  Telephone Support



We at Palladium Recycling (Pty) Ltd aim at being the best Platinum Group Metal Recyclers in the Southern African continent.

We export our materials globally,  we stock pile catalyst converters in large volumes 

We are very passionate about our goal of actively contributing towards the sustainable supply of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) namely Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. 



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